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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Spring is just around the corner and with that comes an opportunity for cleansing and renewal -

For me, this renewal will happen both physically and spiritually. First, in my home and second, in my mind and soul. (But perhaps, I have the order confused) :)

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My latest motivation can be attributed to these two schools of thought:

  • The first is a quote by Joshua Becker, celebrating minimalism, that suggests- "Owning less is better than organizing more." 

  • The second is a law of attraction suggested by Louise Hays, encouraging us to "make room for better things to come." 

Why I love these concepts:

Quite frankly, there are times when I go through life at such a rapid rate, that I am admittedly like a tornado, leaving a path wherever I go. This disorder can be seen in my environment, and it is not until I pause or regroup, that I realize the mess and unnecessary stress I've caused myself. 

For a self-inflicted person like me, this epiphany is so liberating - to imagine a life of simplicity and ease. Moreover, I intend to make a more conscious effort to achieve this peace and freedom. 

In the same way, I am inspired to make room for better things to come. I love the idea of purging my home and life of all the things and/or relationships that no longer serve a purpose.

The beauty of life is growth after all, so I believe it's our privilege and responsibility to make room for better things to come- to release the items and/or people that we have met along life's journey- back into the universe with gratitude. 

Are there any philosophies or quotes inspiring your personal growth this spring? Leave your comments and continue to elevate the conversation. Thanks for sharing.

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