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"The world is changed by your example not by your opinion." - Paul Coelho. How life divides the leaders from the followers, one action at a time.

(Photo Credit: The Weight She Carries.) "Leadership is not so much a thought process as it is an instinctive behaviour."- @SteveTobak.

The Power of Example

"If you want to effectively influence others, first, you will have to lead by example." - Carolyn Mayville.

If we measured men and women by their intentions rather than their actions, what an exemplary group of people we would be surrounded by!

In the Forbes article titled, "Great Leaders Act Before They Think," Roger Trapp suggests, "when it comes to leadership, the way to produce the change of mindset required to become a better leader is to act differently rather than just think about it."

Too often, I've come across people in life, that are both brilliant and talented, yet their inability to act has left them in the dust. Herminia Ibarra, a professor specializing in thought leadership suggests, "we only increase our self knowledge in the process of making changes." What does this mean? Leaders value experience as their greatest teacher.

What I am suggesting is not rocket science- so why are so many of us still risk adverse? I recently had the privilege of reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The story parallels two fathers, one with a conservative approach to personal finance and the other a savvy investor- the take away lesson from the investor, was to never say you couldn't afford something but rather to think innovatively to obtain the wealth you desired. In this parable, we see the outcome of the doer (the leader) versus the dreamer.

A Moment for Reflection: What is stopping you from putting a plan into action today? What excuses do you need to let go of? Have you allowed 'negative self-talk' to manifest? What steps can you take right now to put your plan into motion?

Have a friend, family member, coworker or global sister that you think needs to hear this message? Please help elevate the conversation and share. Thank you.

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