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See How @Menos.Mas Is Reshaping The Social Landscape Of Skincare

Photo credit: @Elle.com in collaboration with @Panacea

This past week, I stumbled upon a beauty brand that is revitalizing the way we think of health and beauty. @Menos.mas has created a "gender-fluid" skincare line designed for all skin types. 

Menos Mas offers "hand-made beauty products that are non-toxic, sustainable and natural. Their product line-up includes a variety of body scrubs, bath soaks, face masks and miracle butters." 

Photo Credit: @https://www.menos-mas.com/

Gaining exposure to this brand made me more conscious of the deep-seated, hyper-feminized views I had of similar beauty products. Because after all, isn't healthy skin, healthy regardless of sex? How did sunscreen get away with being genderless for so long and yet no one flagged this marketing ploy? Or have we enjoyed differentiation when it comes to beauty? 

I believe companies like Menos Mas are taking us "in the right direction for inclusivity of non-binary expressions of gender" in 2019. 

Founder of the skincare brand Soapwalla, Rachel Winard says about gender-neutral marketing in the beauty industry-  "it’s about using the most inclusive language possible and allowing customers to imagine themselves —not necessarily a model or beauty influencer—using the product." 

Undeniably, we are exploring a new social landscape in 2019 and witnessing a cultural shift (which is being primarily driven by millennials). What's exciting about this period is that we see more experimentation when it comes to traditional gender-classifications.

For marketers, "Millennials have made it clear: consumer behaviour is now a function of personality. Whether it’s ambition, athleticism, or honesty, attributes drive purchases, not gender. Smart brands will focus on universal character traits and passions." - Forbes

Hopefully, other industries and leaders will take notice of the 'game-changers' like Menos Mas when considering their future marketing campaigns and consumers will continue to support companies like this.

Can you think of a friend or company that could benefit from hearing this message? Tag them in the comments. Thank you for elevating the conversation.  

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