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Adidas Moves Boldly In The Direction of Female-Centric Marketing

Have you seen the latest advertisements for Adidas? I am absolutely in love and the feminist in me is screaming YESSSS for Adidas! 

Photo credit: Adidas.com

The She Breaks Barriers initiative is a commitment "to remove barriers that females face in sport. The goal is to inspire, enable and support the next generation of female athletes, creators, and leaders." 

Why is this important?

Well here are the facts presented by Adidas.com

"By age 14, girls are dropping out of sport 1.5x faster than boys[1] and by age 17, 51% of girls who participated in sport have quit[2] because they do not have a sense that they belong, and they don’t see a future in sport. 73% of U.S. adults believe that high schools and colleges provide better support for boys’ sports programs than girls sports programs[3]. This data proves just how important it is to remove barriers in sport and Adidas is committed to providing the same opportunities for girls that are offered to boys. Participating in sport has many benefits, including teaching girls to be more confident and learn valuable leadership skills that help them later on in their lives. A recent study conducted by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and ESPNW showed that 94% of women executives in the C-suite played sport and 52% played at the university level or higher[4]" 

Check out one of my favourite She Breaks Barriers videos featuring Kendall Coyne Schofield- the first female to participate in the NHL's All-Star Competition. I hope you are left feeling as inspired as I am. 

Need another reason to support Adidas in 2019?

Check out this announcement from Eric Liedtke, Adidas Executive Board Member and Head of Global Brands.


Personally, I want to continue supporting brands that lead by action and consider their impact. Thank you to Adidas for their exemplary initiative.

Have a Friend That Needs To Hear This Message? Please Continue To Elevate The Conversation & Share. Thank you.

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