A curious nomad - going through life seeking opportunities to connect with feminists, humanitarians, influencers, valiant souls, business tycoons and thought leaders.

Life's Defining Moments

Perhaps, it was when I walked out of my first ballet class at a young age - telling my father I was tired of being bossed around (the teacher had us repetitively practicing our plié) - or perhaps it was when I borrowed a roommate's bike and skipped school to explore the undiscovered countryside around me and go swimming in an unknown body of water because the sunshine was calling me - or perhaps it was when I moved to a new city for greater opportunity - or perhaps it was the characters I dated that formulated my unique views on relationships or perhaps... I think you get the point. My life has been anything but conventional.


A Message For The Bold & Aspiring


"When you know who you are ... No one can use it against you."- #Thoughtleadership adapted from @TarajipHenson


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